Suvendu Ghosh’s “Bhoy2” promises to sway its audience in the illusion of fear. Not a ghost, in this film the brutalities of reality are sure to rise your adrenaline rush and give you goose bumps.

“This film is very different from my previous films, it is basically a thriller under the garb of a horror film.  I just want to stir a bit of fear among my audience this time,”  laughed the Eastern Film fare Awards nominee and also the director of this film Suvendu Ghosh at the trailer and music launch of Bhoy 2. With bubbling excitement the entire cast and crew of this were all smiles while speaking about their shooting experiences. “We stand as a team and all of us have worked very hard, we hope we get the support of the audience and we assure that will like it,” chirped actor Kaushik Kar.

The music and background score of this movie are a reflection of the crude modern society and the different shades of human characterestics. Music Director  Pinaki Bose reflected that it was a very different experience prepare for the background score of this which is a pure thriller. He also added that it is always great to work with Suvendu Ghosh and the duo wishes that they continue to work together in the future.

After having a grand music and trailer launch “Bhoy2” expects to rule hearts at the theatres very soon.