The Kolkata outlet of Genuine Broaster Chicken includes fast food and dine-in offerings like classics of Genuine Broaster Chicken, alongside a specially curated exclusive menu by chef Harpal Singh Sokhi like the ‘Green’ Palak Paneer’ and ‘Red’ Lamb Rogan Josh Burger. Other Indo-American specialities like Happy Fried Chicken, Schewan Noodle Burger and Gulkhand Muffin are also part of the menu.  The idea is to innovate the American product to give it a personalized Indian touch that caters to the Indian Palate.
The look and feel of the outlet is of a typical old school neighborhood American diner with rustic vintage furniture. With a casual vibe and the use of American visual merchandise like American baseball helmet lights, it has a quirky feel to it as compared to its competitors.
Food becomes more interesting when it doesn't just taste good but also looks good, with this unique concept of colorful burgers, Genuine Broaster Chicken makes it more appealing. 
What makes it unique?

You might be a health-conscious person and wondering that these fried chickens aren't for you, when we talk about fried chicken we think of deep-fried oily chickens but Genuine Broaster Chicken cooks it in an amazing way keeping health in mind.

The idea of cooking the chicken is not by deep frying but by the broiling method, where the chicken is cooked by high temperature heat and not by direct oil, so comparatively very less amount of oil is used making it a healthy fried chicken, makes us happy right? Hence the name is Happy Fried Chicken!
Must Try :
Chulbul Mocktail and Bulbul Mocktail
Pocket Pinch : 650 for two (incl. taxes)