Blenders Pride Fashion Tour is India’s one of the prestigious fashion tour it has given a platform to Indian designers for showcasing their designs with creativity. Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2019 - 2020 is again back with another edition of an exciting and phenomenal showcase of fashion.


Let us enlighten you that the tour commenced from the city of joy Kolkata on a larger than life and extravaganza affair as they set the stage on fire and went beyond conventional runway shows for celebrating their milestone 15th edition

The pride of Kolkata designer Anamika Khanna showcased her design ‘My Craft, My Pride’  and brought the universe of pride to life with vibrant colour palettes her collection was young, energetic and almost flamboyant, representing two diametrically opposite sentiments that complement each other at the same time.  on 22nd January at Royal Calcutta Golf Club. Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor brought down the curtains looking spectacular in Anamika Khanna’s design. 

Anamika Khanna said, “I believe that craft exposes human experience beyond the visual and cerebral and helps them explore it through their hands. In a predominantly mechanised world, it slows everything down, keeps traditional techniques alive, and enables us to create and express freely. 

She further added, through my association with Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2019-20, I take immense pride in showcasing the importance of craft by representing the diverse and impeccably rich culture of India.”


The festival of fashion a perfect amalgamation of - craft, identity and blend at Blenders Fashion Tour in Kolkata and it was more than just a ramp show. On the auspicious occasion of their 15th edition, they introduced three unique segments to discover fashion in the best possible way. The showcase was a display of fresh and original work by some of the young talented designers. 

 Also, an artistic display of iconic masterpiece by renowned designers and Style Forum - a talk show about the world of fashion and how it has evolved over the years in India led by the Chairman of FDCI Sunil Sethi. 

The chairman of FDCI Sunil Sethi, said“We are proud to associate with Blenders Pride Fashion Tour in its iconic 15th year, and further add to the magnanimity of the property. With both FDCI and Blenders Pride Fashion Tour being definitive names in the fashion space, we feel that we are perfectly positioned to showcase our combined strengths with our shared synergies.”

Anju Modi the lady behind the mesmerizing costumes of Bajirao Mastani, Ram Leela expressed her opinions on Blenders Pride Fashion Tour. She said, I have a strong connection with Kolkata since childhood, it’s my favourite city as I am from Ranchi so used to frequently visit the city of joy.

Anju Modi further added, today we are here for Blenders Pride Fashion show for Anamika Khanna which is my ‘My Pride, My Craft’, it’s also my pride as I’m working in the craft section for last 30 years and it’s my privilege to bring the crafts from my guru’s in the forefront. Over the years, Blenders Pride is contributing to it making it reach to a higher and dignified platform. 

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour will travel across cities such as Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai moving ahead from Kolkata.